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How Startup The Watch Clique Sells Luxury Watches For Under $20

A new US-based startup is selling luxury watches for a fraction of the price. The company has taken a new-age business model approach to the luxury item market. It says this means it can deliver high quality watches with a designer look for less than those produced by luxury brands like the ones labeled as Swiss made.

This is because The Watch Clique sources its watches from the same Chinese movement makers that also supply a surprisingly large amount of the luxury watch market. It’s a little known fact outside the industry, but to be called Swiss made, a watch only has to have 60% of the value of its movement made in Switzerland.

To be called Swiss made, a watch only has to have 60% of the value of its movement made in Switzerland.

This means nearly half the internal components plus the case and strapping can be made elsewhere for cheaper – a fact that many brands take advantage of in order to pad margins. Not all brands take advantage of this, it’s a closely guarded secret just how much of a luxury Swiss watch is assembled in Switzerland. But rhetorically speaking, if it was 100% made in Switzerland they’d say it. More and more are looking to make components in China to cut down costs.

The Watch Clique takes this directly sourced product and applies a variety of marketing techniques in order to promote it. More than the price of watches in China, efficiency in marketing and operations are the keys to keeping costs down.

The Watch Clique believes that all online retailers are essentially marketing machines that incidentally sell products. It’s applied this model to the luxury watch sector.

The Watch Clique gives away a free Rolex to one member every month

By cutting out the middleman, and the so-called “middleman’s mark-up”, they are able to pass on significant savings by selling direct-to-consumer.

Beyond marketing, the startup is also continually looking for ways to keep other costs down. They run a very lean business model and part of that is looking globally at the job market. You can quite often find someone very good on the other side of the world who can do the work for significantly less. As a result, the startup has employees in countries such as Romania, India, the Philippines and the U.S.

The Watch Clique also does not use re-sellers or outside marketing companies as both tend to keep hold of a big chunk of potential margin.


For only $19.97 for your first month, you can get a watch worth $150+ from The Watch Clique and have a brand new watch delivered to your doorstep eevery month. Each watch has been carefully curated by a team of serious watch connoisseurs and is worth between $150-400; that means you’re getting up to 10x the value of your membership.

Unlike some of the popular rental services which have been popping up over the past several years, every watch that you receive is yours to keep.

The Watch Clique caters to all audiences – they have featured sporty, dressy, fashion and even diver watches in their past collections. One major benefit of a curated membership is that your eyes will likely be opened up to styles that you never considered before. There are not many men who can claim to truly have a watch for any occasion! Memberships are very flexible and their customer service is exceptional – you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, with absolutely no hassle.

And last, but definitely not least, all members are automatically entered into a monthly draw for an authentic Rolex dream watch. Visit The Watch Clique and use coupon code 50OFF to get your first watch for only $19.97.

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