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FormMount Phone Magnetic Smartphone Bike Mount

Effortlessly secure your phone to your bike with the FormMount Phone Magnetic Smartphone Bike Mount. Using the power of four neodymium magnets, this minimalist mounting system gives you total peace of mind and convenience without the bulk. The FormMount Phone includes the mount for your bike as well as an easily installed back panel for your smartphone. The panel stays in place with the included ultra-strong 3M adhesive. The super thin panel also features four symmetrically placed circular protrusions. These align perfectly with the indents on the bike mount. When you want to mount your phone, simply place it down. The strong magnets will pull the back plate into place, positioning your smartphone right where you need it. The FormMount Phone can handle it all while keeping your device safe, including rides of 17mph down railroad tracks. In addition, you can have your smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode to suit your needs.

Original: FormMount Phone Magnetic Smartphone Bike Mount

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