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Herbot – Artificial Intelligence Indoor Garden

Grow the plants you love, anywhere using the Herbot Artificial Intelligence Indoor Garden. This smart hydroponics social gardening robot allows you to grow plants in any climate, year-round, soil-free. It automatically feeds, waters and provides enough light for your plants using an app-controlled system. In fact, it even learns from your preferences allowing you to grow organic food and medicinal herbs with laboratory precision. Simply select your plant pods, put them in Herbot and watch them grow. The app guides you throughout the entire process, making it easy for anyone to become a gardener. Aside from managing your garden, the app also lets you connect with other growers. Moreover, Herbot is compatible with smart home devices and even has built-in Google Assistant, HD Livestream Camera, and a LED Touch Display. Interact with your plants, ask Google for a recipe and make cool time-lapse videos of your plant growing.

Original: Herbot – Artificial Intelligence Indoor Garden

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