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Tikr Snack Activity Dog Toy

Make snacking more fun with the Tikr Snack Activity Dog Toy. Offering a new treat time experience, the Tikr is a snack activity toy that excites, surprises and engages your dog. It even helps to reduce anxiety issues. Complete with a built-in timer, the Tikr comes with holes that fit snacks of all sizes. Just load Tikr with a variety of different snack sizes and set the timer by twisting the dial. You can set the timer up to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of play. As the timer unwinds, the holes start to line up, enabling snacks to drop out according to size. Any remaining snacks keep your dog occupied until the largest ones come out at the very end. Made of food-safe rubber, the Tikr is flexible, durable and easy on the gums and teeth. Finally, the Tikr is recommended for dogs up to 50lbs.

Original: Tikr Snack Activity Dog Toy

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